The Coatesville Evangelical Christian Foundation is an unaffiliated, non-profit entity established primarily to spread  the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission...

To financially support a variety of local evangelically oriented organizations.

Foundation Profile

"Doing the work of the Lord." In 1972 Dr. C. Hans Evans and a small group of men started the Foundation with no funds and no membership. Over the last 30 years the Foundation has grown to a membership of over 100. The Foundation started with eight trustees and no committees. There are now nine trustees and five committees, Scholarship, Membership, Audit, Investments, and Budget. The budget is funded by interest earned on investments of our principal. We presently fund 8 local missions and several special project missions each year. Our interests are missions primarily in the Pennsylvania and general Coatesville area.


Why would you give money to a foundation to give to a mission, instead of just giving directly to the mission? If you give $10.00 to your favorite mission, that mission receives the $10 and spends it and that's the end of it. The Coatesville Evangelical Christian Foundation invests your $10 along with the gifts of others and uses the interest to donate to missions. That $10 gift continues to give to your favorite ministry every single year...until the Lord returns!

Ministries We Support

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If you have any questions or comments regarding The Coatesville Evangelical Christian Foundation please contact us. Include your contact information so that we may respond to you.

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